June 8, 2011

This are my total earnings in uploading movies as of June 08, 2011
I'm very new in terms of using remote uploading by rapidleech servers but manual uploading using FTP servers in FILESERVE maybe more than a year now thats why I have the most high earning in but when I learned about remote uploading using rapidleech server I started using FILESONIC last April as you can see I have three paid status already and fourth is in process for the payment of the end of May.

When I found out that remote uploading using rapidleech servers gives more income I tried using WUPLOAD in my uploading sites and started using wupload last May and last week I got my first Payment Proof last June 02, 2011 a total of $14.16 USD and that's for only for two weeks using wupload and now I have a unpaid balance of $21.87 in just one week I don't know why its so fast maybe because this month of June they have a special promo of double the earning in the month of June.

And last I found a very good uploading sites that the payment is in Eur and Eur and the Highest conversion of money so I got interested in signing up in UPLOADED and not only because they paid using Eur they also have a free 2.00 € Signup Bonus that's why I signup quickly.

If you are interested in UPLOADING don'y hesitate to contact me via Yahoo Messenger jasonangel02@yahoo.com or via Skype jasonangel21 

Don't forget to singup under me to learn more tricks in uploading thanks just click the image below to signup



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