August 12, 2014

100% Working in the latest version of Micromon
This cheat is only for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad) tested in iPod Touch running in 6.1.6 firmware and latest version of Micromon in this cheat you will get unlimited gold and diamonds and also you can have the exp multiplier but i don't use the exp multiplier because it will destroy the enjoyment of the game. With the Unlimited Diamonds you can have the super rare Micromons using the Lucky Spin (first you need to buy golden eggs using your diamonds) You can also have the other avatars and pets and specially the ultron. Unlimited golds is only for potions and other things you can buy on the market.


Step01: First You need to have a jailbroken iDevice (iPhone, iPod, iPad). If you want to jailbreak your iDevice click here for the latest tutorials.

Step02: You need to install iModGame on your iDevice using cydia. Click Here on how to install iModGame on your iDevice and get tons of cheats.

Step03: After installing the iModGame and acquiring the free mod points you can now activate the cheats on Micromon.

999999 Diamonds and Golds

Benefits having a Unlimited Diamonds

  1. Having unlimited diamonds you can buy Golden Eggs and use this on Lucky Spin to get Super rare Micromon and the strongest Micromon.
  2. You can buy chips with a 100% success rate in capturing wild Micromon on the field.
  3. Buying a Avatar will change your character.
  4. Pets are only following you but their cute.
  5. Others you can buy the ultron its like a super modern bike.


If you want to enjoy the game just turn off the XP Multiplier and Turn ON the Unlimited Gold and Diamonds that's what I do and i just get the rare Micromon using the Lucky Spin and I bought the Large Potions and Revive Potions in the market using the gold. You can also turn off the unlimited gold and diamonds but if you do this you will get - sign in your diamonds but it doesn't matter it will not affect the game it self.


  1. What I have to do to get free mod points?

    1. by buying a mod points go to setting on your imodgame then click buy mod points. i think the referral thing is not working anymore to get a free mod points so that's the only way to get a mod points.


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