August 14, 2016

Extra features (from PokeMobBot) project)

  • [Discovery pathing function -> bot continue to walk in radom direction from pokestop to pokestop, it pick closest pokestop each turn!]
  • [Force move option, just double click to the map and bot will start moving there!]
  • [Proxy support]
  • [All settings from UI]
  • [You can set startup location from the map, just select the bot (don’t hit Start), go to the map tab, and just double-click to desired position]
  • [Full controll of your inventory/pokemons]
  • [Smooth controll of movement speed on the run via MoveSpeedFactor slider]
  • [Make map follow your player]

Get Device data from real android device:

  • [Enable USB debugging at your phone settings]
  • [Ensure what your PC have proper ADB drivers installed]
  • [Click “Get Data from Your Android Phone” button at the Settings tab – you are awesome]
  1. Extract the downloaded file
  2. Open the Catchem.exe file
  3. Click the ADD NEW BOT Button
  4. Choose login type PTC or Google Account
  5. Enter the login details
  6. Edit the Navigation details Latitude and Longtitude
  7. Click Start button

  • For safer botting and to prevent permanent ban choose your country location in Latitude and Longtitude or by double clicking in the Map & Console tab and choose your location.
  • If you want to catch rare pokemons in different countries make sure to choose only one location per day before changing again to another country to prevent permanent ban you can look for the good location at the above link.


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