August 14, 2016

PokeCrot is the Free bot for Pokemon Go : more than 50000 EXP/Hour AND 20000 Stardust/Hour

  • Regulary updated
  • Set Up your coordinates using a live map interface inside of the tool
  • Choose how many of each item you want
  • Live stats delay
  • Auto Transfer Duplicate Pokemons
  • Set up coordinates inside of the tool with Live map coords
  • Choose which Pokemons to ''Not'' Catch
  • Choose which Pokemons to evolve
  • Choose which pokemons to ''not'' Transfer
  • And many more awesome features which you will find inside of the bot
  • Click to see the Tool In Action! With amazing live features
  • For safer botting and to prevent permanent ban choose your country location in Latitude and Longtitude or by double clicking in the Map & Console tab and choose your location.
  • If you want to catch rare pokemons in different countries make sure to choose only one location per day before changing again to another country to prevent permanent ban you can look for the good location at the above link.
Download Link
Pokemon Go - Pokecrot Bot



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  2. Still not playing Pokemon Go? Download On This Link (Suitable for iOS & Android)

  3. c'est superbe! J'avais le plaisir de visiter le blog.


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