July 11, 2015

Bot features:
  • Collect from up to six Elixir Collectors
  • Collect from up to six Gold Mines
  • Collect from up to two Dark Elixir Drills
  • Keep Alive
  • Rejoin on D/C
  • Load Settings
  • Save Settings
  • Clear Settings
What you need:
  1. Download BlueStacks, Install it and use Google to login and load Clash of Clans.
  2. Download LLPL CoC bot. (Link Below Post)
  3. Load Clash of Clans in Bluestacks and center it all. (Ctrl + -) multiple times to zoom out and (Ctrl + DownArrow) to pull map down. Also do not use Maximized mode, hit F11 to exit maximized mode.
  4. On the Delays tab, enter how fast you want the mouse to move. 1 = Fastest, 100 = Slowest.
  5. Click on the icon or text next to each X/Y text box and click on where each item is located in your game.
  6. Click Save Settings

Now Run the bot to make sure all your locations are mapped correctly. Hit F4 to stop the bot, reopen and reset as needed. Keep in mind Mouse Location is offset due to Blue Stacks program, so use the mouse offset feature as needed to make adjustments.

You can hit F6 to pause the game, but you will not be able to resave the settings even though you can adjust them.

Once you have everything squared away, just open the bot, load settings, run CoC in BlueStacks and hit F5.

You can hit F1 to load settings and immediately start collecting resources.

For those who are asking if bots is legit or if they will banned if they will use bots, the answer is no as bots is not a cheat. Bots only automate things they do not bypass anything.

Download the bot below:


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