June 3, 2011

This is my first payment from wupload and I use wupload for my filehosting sites last May and I think i earned $14 for more than a week of remote uploading then post and thanks to my Tips on How to earn money in uploading because it helps a lot for me I get more uploads in just a minute of my time.

As you can see on my image chart below I start at .001 something like that and as long as I always use my wupload for my links my earning increases everyday.

(Click The Image to Enlarge)

Wupload, ultimate file hosting.

In just more than a week I earned $14 how about in a month doing this kind of trick? maybe I can earn $50 a month in uploading usung wupload.

So if you don't have an account on wupload start making an account my going this link and start earning real money.

To learn more about the uploading tips go to my Tips on How to earn money in uploading and feel free to ask question by leaving a message or you can contact my via yahoo messenger: jasonangel02@yahoo.com and via skype: jasonangel21 just add me and leave a message thanks


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