June 1, 2011

Do you know who is John Nelou Rabe-Park? just search it on facebook search bar about Philippines Belongs to the Devil they said that he is the creator of the said fan page most of the people in that fan page saying that the creator of the said fan page was John Nelou Rabe-Park and if you see the fan page you will see all the post of the admin is about discrimination to all Filipinos and when i see the fan page I dislike it and reported it and i hope facebook will remove this kind of disturbing fan page.

He is a Filipino and I don't know why he needs to do this. to become popular? or maybe he is just a hater or he needs some attentions.

He made a dummy accounts to hide his identity to the public.

This the proof about the creator of the fan page i don't know if it is real

Filipino who hates the fan page created their own fan page about the creator of the Philippines Belongs to the Devil John Nelou Rabe-Park.

I hope the fan page will be remove
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