May 31, 2011

Like my Gameboy Advance Emulator on my iPod Touch I also found this very useful emulator for ipod/iphone/ipad to play your favorite old games on Playstation One and with this emulator imagine that your playing your Final Fantasy VII on your iPod or iDevices i think that's cool it's looks like you bring your PSOne in your pocket.

The Bad thing about this emulator was the PSOne Roms are so huge in size like for example the Final Fantasy VII is i think theirs a four disk to play the whole game and one disk or one game rom of the emulator is having a 100mb to 400mb of size and it depends on the game you are downloading like the Theme Park on the Screenshots it is 123mb in size so if your having a iPod having 8gb of memory its so hard to store more games in your iPod or iDevices but still you can play them one by one or changing every time you finish the game.

To play the PSOne games on your iPod or iDevices you need to install first the PSX4All 4.0.10 Cracked and you can find it on cydia and you just need the repository of hackstor to download the cracked version of the PSX4All for you iPod or iDevices just add on your sources and then after installing the repository on your cydia go to search tab and type in PSX4All 4.0.10 Cracked just follow the written tutorial on the cydia.

After installing the PSX4All 4.0.10 Cracked you need the scph1001.bin to work the application you can download it here scph1001.bin
after downloading the file extract the rar file and you will get scph1001.bin and place it on /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/PSX folder if you don't have ROMs and PSX folder just create it you can use i-fun box to locate or to install the .bin files and your roms on your iPod or iDevices.

PSX4All Supports .ISO, .IMG, .BIN, .Z, .ZNX formats

Here are some Pictures of my PSX Emulator for my iPod Touch 4th Gen

Now After installing the PSX4All on your iPod the next problem is where to find ROM Games to play in your emulator just google it or you can try emuparadise in searching. 

Heres a Tutorial on how to install PSOne Roms for your iPod or iDevices
You just need a ecm tool you can download it here.
after downloading the file extract it and follow the image below

You need first PSOne Games this are games the you downloaded from the internet most of the time when you downloaded the rom files it is in a folder form having GameName.cue and GameName.bin.ecm inside the folder we only need the GameName.bin.ecm.

First  go to your ecm tools folder the one you extracted a while ago then paste the GameName.bin.ecm inside the ecm tools folder then drag the GameName.bin.ecm to unecm.exe and a popup will come out like the image below.

After the decoding finish in the same folder (ecm tools folder) a GameName.bin will come out like the image below.

Copy the GameName.bin to your /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/PSX iPod or iDevice just use the i-Fun box to navigate your iPod.

That's it enjoy playing your old games in your iPod or iDevices if you have good games to suggest just post the game title and ill try to play it thanks.

NOTE: if the application is not working try Jailbreaking your iDevice using Green P0isons RC6
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