May 31, 2011

I Accidentally found a gameboy advance emulator for my iPod Touch 4th Gen because i'm searching what are the best games for iPod Touch and I found this emulator one of the forum that i'm using for my iPod Touch and I tried to install in on my iPod Touch and now I'm playing my old games on my iPod Touch like mario, pokemon, zelda, sims, and other games that i can remember.

So if you want to have this application you just need an internet connection a wifi of course to connect to cydia and then you need a repository like the sinful phone to download the full crack of the gameboy advance emulator just add the on your cydia sources and then on the search tab type gpSPhone Cracked this is what I'm using for my iPod Touch 4th Gen Version 4.2.1 if you want you can try other's crack on cydia but this crack is what I'm using and it's working for my iPod.

Just read the whole installation and instruction on the cydia page and you will know what are the other things to do like where should the ROMs should be place and other things to know.

Their are so many things you can do on the emulator like you can landscape the game mode and change the theme of the skin here are some pictures of my gameboy advance emulator in my iPod

Portrait Mode
Landscape Mode
Here are my old games that i can remember that i played on my gameboy if you have some good games in your mind feel free to suggest good games here and i'll try to play those games
For me the application is the best the sounds are great and the game speed is like you are playing the real gameboy theirs no delay and I suggest to use the landscape mode in gaming because it is so small when holding the iPod in Portrait Mode.

Please if you know what are the best games in gameboy advance feel free to suggest some games i miss playing my gameboy thanks. just leave a comment.

For ROMs
go to google and search for the roms and try using coolrom

NOTE: if the application is not working try Jailbreaking your iDevice using Green P0isons RC6
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