June 8, 2011

I'm just new in uploaded and what is uploaded it is a filehosting site like the popular fileserve, filesonic, wupload and other filehosting sites that will store all your files and share it and you will earn money when someone will download your file.

First go to Uploaded and register to get 2.00 € Signup Bonus and also check all benefits that they can give for all the uploaders that uses there site.

The bad thing about in uploaded the maximum filesize that you can upload for all free users are only 1000mb or 1gb for leechers like me it's a bad thing because most of the files that I leech are more than 1gb so I can't use remote uploading in uploaded.

Why did I signup with uploaded?

Simply because of the Earn 30 EUR per 1000 downloads as of now!
1 EUR is equals to 60 Philippine Pesos not like the other uploading sites like fileserve they are using US Dollars in payments so I just want to try uploaded if their is a chance of getting big money while uploading using uploaded.

Payments are done by

I think they are the highest filehosting site that gives 100mb to 1000mb 30 

So if you are interested having a Eur payment signup now just click the image below to quick signup and get a free 2.00 € Signup Bonus so what are you waiting for signup now and earn big money with uploaded

You can use the tips on how to earn money in uploading with the use of uploaded.
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