June 7, 2011

I'm playing plants vs zombies when I'm so booooooooring or when i'm waiting for someone and i found out this strategy but i don't know if there are more ways to earn more gold in this game.

First Im Placing two Garlic in both ends to divert zombies into other lines and then for my first plant i'm using Kernel-Pult because sometimes they can throw butter at zombies and they can stop the zombies movement by throwing butter and then I will place a marigold at the back of the garlic to earn more money then i will use Melon-Pult to have a scatter attack then i will upgrade them to Winter Melon to slow the zombies and then sometimes im placing Spikeweed for additional damage to all zombies that walk over it.

If you have your own strategy feel free to comment about it and then i will try them all i'm not yet finish buying all expensive items in the shop.
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