February 2, 2011

I Just saw the latest released of sony PSP2 in he internet at first the pictures are only rumors about the specifications, the size, the images of the PSP2 but as of today I read in an article of a web that last January 27, 2011 Sony released the official specifications and images of the latest PSP2 or some says NGP or "Next Generation Portable" the best thing about this latest console of Sony they say that it is has a touch screen capability.

For me it is like the combinations of PSP 3000 (PSP Brite) and the last released PSP was the PSP Go because in the given images it looks like a PSP 3000 (PSP Brite) with two analogs like in PSP Go theirs also a an analog controller and I think this is the best hand held console will be released now a days because old PSP like PSP 1000 (PSP Fat) and the PSP 2000 (PSP Slim) are also have great features and graphics in gaming so what else about this latest released? lets check about the features and specifications given by Sony.

Since the release of the first generation Playstation Portable, rumors regarding a second generation PSP have been floating around the web. Everything between mockup images to claimed leaked pictures of the device. After three succeeders to the PSP, the PSP2 has been announced. At this time it goes under the codename "NGP", short for Next Generation Portable.

If you can see the Specifications given below as I can say PSP2 or the NGP ("Next Generation Portable") is a blast in the world of gaming because the specification is like a Laptop Computer.

I want one :)

Heres the front and back Images of the PSP2 or NGP "Next Generation Portable"

Video about the Next Generation Portable

Below are links to games demonstrated on the PSP2, or the "NGP".
Uncharted - http://youtu.be/jKsWSzAe5R4
Sony Game Reel - http://youtu.be/jKsWSzAe5R4
Hot Shots - http://youtu.be/x4AXgpTreEs
Little Deviants - http://youtu.be/0GLG71IouR8

The release is dated to "later this year". Either Sony will go by their regular PSP release schedule and release the device this autumn, or they'll hold it back for the christmas shopping.

Tell us in the comments below what you think of the device. Will you be buying one?


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