February 2, 2011

I just receive my Payment from Google Adsense my mom gave it to me my  Google Adsense Check and she said that I have a mail from Google Adsense yesterday, the Check was released last December 23, 2010 and as stated in their Payment process I will receive my payment first week of February 2011 and the total earning that I receive was $120.40.

Here is my Google Adsense Check

Thats to Google Adsense and if you want to know about Google Adsense go to this post and learn about how to earn money using Google Adsense.

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  2. Hi! I'm Jam from Philippines Too. If you don't Mind,Can You Share/Teach to ME on how To do that Google Adsense? I have My Blogsite but it seems that I can't use it. I'm not sure if I can have earnings if I still using blogspot.com as free site or need to Have my real domain which I need to pay for the domain name? If you have Time Can you please Email Me. myptcandlifeexpblogspot@gmail.com you can also check My Blog Site if you want http://myptc-and-lifeexp.blogspot.com/ Thanks.

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