February 2, 2011

They sent my payment via mail and they only have two payment process one is by Check - Standard Delivery or Secure Check Delivery and second is via Western Union Quick Cash, the good thing about Western Union Quick Cash payments will be available for pick-up the day after the payment date but for Check delivery it may took a month or more if it is a Standard Delivery and I always choose the Standard Delivery because theirs no payment not like it Secured Express Delivery theirs a $24.00 Processing Fee and $24 is a big deal for me and by Standard Delivery their will be no hustle for me in going to Western Union and the other thing that I don't like in Western Union I don't know how to get a money using Western Union I also don't know if theirs a cash involve on it if I should pay when getting my cash in Western Union.

* Western Union Quick Cash payments will be available for pick-up the day after the payment date.
* Standard Delivery checks are sent by regular mail and should arrive within 2-3 weeks of the mailing date.
** Secured Express Delivery checks are sent via courier and should arrive within 1 week.

I started to used Google Adsense in my first blog (www.pspcollections.net) when I sign up in Google Adsense my registration is so easy and theirs no need to verify or what so ever I just need to wait for the confirmation and that's it I can now used Google Adsense but now my friends told me that its so hard to register in Google Adsense I recommend it to them because its so easy to use and a noob friendly but when they told me that they can't register a account in Google Adsense  I search about this problem and I read that because theirs so many registered users already and I think some members abuse Adsense so they limit the registration and theirs so many qualifications before they approve your request As of now I don't know if the registration in Google Adsense is as hard as last time that my friends told me.

I recommend to other bloggers like me in planning to register in Google Adsense to read first the Google Adsense Program Policies to know if your blog or sites are qualify so that you can make your changes before applying in the Google Adsense.

But if you can't try in Google Adsense theirs always an alternative to use in advertising your blogs or sites like
for bloggers like me an alternative advertisements are in Adgitize.com, Clicksor.com, Antventure.com, Adbrite.com this are some advertisers to choose and theirs more in the web just Google it if you don't like it I just recommend it.

How to get an AdSense Account Aprooved Quick and Easy
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  1. so basically those sites pay you when you let them advertise on your blog? very interesting. Thanks for the idea! :)

  2. @リズ yap it is and those are my previous and latest advertisers who advertise on my sites and i assure to you that they are not scam because i already receive my payments for my advertisers

  3. hello jason paano mo ba ipana promote ang google adsense mo di pa ako naka income hanggang ngayon pls turuan mo ako. at ilang buwan mo na income ang antventure?

  4. Are you trying to earn money from your websites or blogs by popunder advertisments?
    In case you do, have you tried using Clickadu?

  5. If you're looking for an excellent contextual ad network, I suggest you check out ExoClick.


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