September 6, 2011

If you understand the basic uploading using free rapidleech servers here you will learn the advance uploading by upgrading your filehoting and choosing the cheapest rapidleech server and I can say that this is the best and complete rapidleech server that is available as of now.

What You Need?

If you know the Basic Uploading and I know if you continue doing that you now have money on your Paypal Account so If you are tired of looking for the best Free Rapid Leech Servers I can give you the best and the most affordable Private Rapid Leech Server is the NewRapidleech. 

First having your own Private Server to Transload files without ads to click or annoying pop-ads.

Why NewRapidLeech?
For me I choose New Rapidleech because its so very cheap and all uploaders or beginners in uploading can afford buying a Private Server and the lowest Server that NewRapidLeech offers is only for $5.99 USD a Month.

For me I'm Using Netherlands Server Level 1 ($5.99 USD) the Difference between USA and NETHERLAND server is the Transloading Speed they say that the speed of the USA is more better than the Netherland, but that's not important because as a Uploader we just need the Movie Thumbnailer Support (For movies, Videos), Rar/Unrar Support and the Unmetered Bandwith (Meaning Transload all you want in a Month), about the 10GB Diskspace its all right we don't need bigger space because after you Remote Upload the file you can delete the file on your Server to have a space again.

Click the Image to Enlarge

My Netherland Server having almost a 1gb/s transloading speed

So if you want to have a Private Server Choose NewRapidLeechServer (Just Click the Link and buy your own server)

Second Having a Premium Accounts 

What are the benefits having a Premium accounts on your Filehosting?

Why should we buy a Premium account?
Because having a Premium account we can store the files that we remote upload in our filehosting Sites (Premium) in a longer time as long as you are a premium user and the file that you remote upload is not against the DMCA policy of the site it will store the file and it will not be deleted so meaning the longer the file the better because you will have a chance to reach the highest download count that you may get.

Skype: jasonangel21

(Just click the links below thanks)


You can use NewRapidleech for Private Servers $6.00 a Month)

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