April 18, 2011

Why in EON Union Bank Account?
Unionbank does NOT need any minimum balance requirements. However, one must pay P350 to open up a bank account and the accompanying Unionbank EON card.

Take note of the information written on the Unionbank EON card. The number at the middle of the card is the card number. The smaller number below your name is the bank account number. The bank account number IS THE ONE TO USE for verifying Paypal account.

What You Need?

  • EON card and bank account number
  • Valid email address
  • Valid phone number
  • Valid postal mailing address which should be the same as the address indicated in your Unionbank EON card
  • At least P200 deposit to cover $1.95 that Paypal takes away for verification. (Note that $1.95 is returned back into one’s Paypal account after a successful verification).
Fist Step
Sign up in Paypal Heres the Link, Choose Philippines then click the preferred account. Usually, a Personal Paypal account is enough but for me I use Business. Make sure to use the same details that you had used with your Unionbank EON account.

Second Step
Confirm your email address (After Signing up in Paypal a confirmation mail will be sent in your registered mail) by clicking the link in the verification email that came from Paypal. You will need to enter your Paypal password to complete this step.

Third Step
Go back to your Paypal page, and just below the welcome line with your name click on the Get Verified link.

Fourth Step
Login to your Unionbank EON banking and search on the transaction history for the VISA Expanded USE charge. Remember the 4 digits that appear after the word VISA.

Fifth Step
Switch back to the Paypal page and enter those 4 digits into link and confirm your debit or credit card.

After you verify your account now you can withdraw your Paypal funds to your Bank Account
(Steps on How to Withdraw funds using BDO)

  1. Login to Paypal account.
  2. Click Withdraw tab, then click Withdraw to your bank account.
  3. Fill in the information required. Although the video demonstrated how to add a Unionbank bank account, ANY OTHER PHILIPPINE BANK ACCOUNTS that are assigned Philippine bank codes by Paypal can be used: participating Philippine banks and their bank codes

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Credits to theladyprogrammer


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