February 22, 2013

Changelogs :
  • v1: all features
  • v2: only stat hack 
  • v3: 7 new features 
  • v3.2: deleted unused features added another 2 
  • v3.3: current repo release 
  • v3.4: unreleased , with feature items are legendary 

Features :
  • Level limit
  • Damage
  • Legend (All items are in Legend)
  • Stat points hack
  • Sell price (Item Selling Price)
  • Item price
  • Repair price
  • Exp to next level
  • Fairy exp to next level

Add me on your Zenonia 5 friend list and ill send you a scanning scrolls
User id: jasonangel09

How to install :
  1. Download the file above or Click Here
  2. Extract the archive and transfer the extracted file on your iDevice on the /var/root/ (Im using iFunbox)
  3. Open iFile on your iDevice then look for the file you extracted the click the file then click the Installer button and it will install the file.
  4. Go to Setting on your iDevice then look for Zenonia 5 Tab and set your settings.

How to fix abnormal data :

You need :
Download Here

Copy this file to your desktop :
Open it with sqlbrowser

Search " D2E48J33S9.gamevilGames " and delete it save your keychain and move it back to your iDevice.
Now delete this files :
When you see a folder called Zenonia5.app then you are right .

Now reboot or respring your device .
You are able to play now.

How to not get banned :
Delete iapfree zenonia 5 core or all cores and iAPfree.  (if your using iAPfree)

As for the level up Bug :
In Settings app change the number along side 'Exp for next level' to 100 or higher and you'll be good to go, no freezing.

NOTE 1: Take it easy in using Stat hack or you may get banned in this game.
NOTE 2: You can't use iAPfree and this Hack at the same time just choose one.
NOTE 3: You cannot use this hack in PvP you cannot damage your opponent when the hack is ON (Uninstall this Hack First via Cydia)
NOTE 4: If it doesnt appear in your setting clear your iDevice with iCleaner

I suggest when you are satisfy with the gold, and stat points of your character uninstall this hack then play the game as normal having your stat and gold.

Credits to Mila432


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