April 23, 2013

First you need to be jailbroken to use this cheat/hack

First: Open your CYDIA>Manage>Sources>Edit>Add
Then enter the following sources you need this to get the applications you need so that the cheat will work.
  • http://cydia.crazydoraemon.com/
  • http://cydia.imodgame.net/
  • http://itiaprepo.com/alex793/
  • http://ihacksrepo.com/
After Adding this sources go to Search then search the following applications then install.
  • iapfree
  • iapfree core plugin 1.9.1
  • imodgame  
  • localiapstore  
My iapfree is version 3.2.2 their is a v3 but its not working with me so im using version 3.2.2 and my locallapstore version is 1.3.1

Second: Open imodgame application then Account Tab> Enter your Gmail to create an account.
Linked your iOS device by clicking the button in your account tab then
click the SAY THANKS TO INVITER and enter this code 99187 to get free points and you will use this in getting the cheat in unlimited moves.

Do what i did to get points :)

How about the Unlimited Money?
First: Go to Settings on your iOS Device then look for LocallAPStore Tab then enable it

Proofs that its working for me im on iPod Touch 4th Gen iOS 6.1

I just bought the 3 items it Yeti Store and some power ups during the game (i bought the power ups many times)

Heres the unlimited moves first you can see i have a 0 score with 50 remaining moves then on the second picture i have a score and 50 remaining moves.

NOTE: Their is a stage that you need to use all your moves to finish the game so in this case just disable the unlimited moves in your imodgame to finish that stage :) don't worry you can always buy a +5 moves during the game if you want to get a high score.

enjoy candy crush!!.

If you can't install via Cydia heres my Deb files
LocallAPStore v1.3.1: http://q.gs/47T9w
IAPFree v3.1.1: http://q.gs/47TC6


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