February 4, 2011

I just remembered  the time we spent when we enrolled in A-1 Driving School, first we look for online driving school near are home and the nearest driving school that we found was is SM Fairview. I think we should attend three seminars and a eight hours in driving lesson before completing the said coarse.

At first we attend our seminar in SM North because thats the only schedule for that seminar and we get lost finding A-1 Driving School and then we are not late but it took us three hours listing to the speaker, I don't have anything I just listen and I didn't take down notes but its okay I understand what the speaker says to us.

After the first seminar we had another seminar at the SM Fairfiew and our mistake was we should complete first the driving lesson before attending the second to last seminars but the speaker told us that its okay just finish first the driving lesson before attending the last seminar.

The driving lesson was great we had so many experience and the good thing about this driving lesson was we get to know each other and we learn to drive and thank you to our instructor who is so patience teaching us because we don't know anything in driving.

First we drive in a subdivision to practice our feet and hands in driving and then when we know about the basic skills in driving we drive in highways in a high speed at first we feel so nervous because we our afraid to drive maybe because we feel that we will have a car accident but we realize that theirs the instructor in our side to help us and teach us the proper way of driving.

This are some lessons you will learn in the practical exam
  • Safety
  • Proper Handling
  • Gear Shifting
  • Maneuver
  • Backing
  • Turning
  • Overtaking
  • Rules and Signs
  • Etc
The good thing about Driving School was you will learn all the basics and techniques in driving and you will have certificate that you may need when applying jobs and they also teach about applying for the license in the L.T.O. (Land Transportation Office) the exams and other things to know so that you will pass the exam in the LTO and get the drivers license.

A-1 Driving School also have a manual and this manual has all the safety procedures and basic knowledge about roads and highways but it will cost you 500 pesos in buying this manual but they don't force you to buy it if you just need it and you can buy it from them.

For more details about A-1 Driving School visit their Website


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