February 6, 2011

As a blogger Twitter is a very important for us because readers want some updates about your blog post and other tips that you can share to them so the best way to share to your readers about the latest released or post in to your blog is by twitter so for every blogger you should have a follow me on twitter sign in your blog page and I will share to you a easy step in how to add twitter badge and thanks to go2web20 for the wonderful plugin for bloggers.

First Step
Go to go2web20 and fill up the form on that page to customize the badge you want to appear on your page and make sure you already have a twitter account because you need it.

Twitter account: Type your Twitter account user name

Label: Choose Twitter badge label.

Color: Choose your badge color.

Side: Where do you want your Twitter badge to be displayed.

From top: The position of the badge from top to bottom.

After you customize your badge and ready to place it on your blog page click Update Code
After you click the Update Code you will see your Code and ready for Second Step

Second Step
Go to your blogger Account then click Design >> Page Elements >> and on your template sidebar click Add a Gadget >> then Choose HTML/JavaScript then paste the code you have copied it is okay if you leave the title empty then press Save to complete the process.

View your page and Enjoy!

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter thanks bossjasonangel

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