February 19, 2011

I just watch it on television in GMA 7 saying that this latest Youtube Sensation was Tweet by Lady Gaga because the girl sung the latest released of the Lady Gaga "Born This Way" and the girl is a 10-year-old and her name was Maria Lourdes Aragon, a Filipino-Canadian based in Winnipeg and Aragon had uploaded a video of herself to YouTube singing her own version of the song.

I watch the video and Maria Lourdes Aragon has a talented voice and I hope she will continue singing.

Heres the Tweet of the international pop star Lady Gaga:

and other foreign singers and celebrities and etc. and because of them the YouTube Video is a blast and it make a huge public view.

She had an inter view in Yahoo! OMG! and Aragon said that it was "Pretty Amazing" that Lady Gaga had tweeted about her video.

Watch and listen for the beautiful voice of a Pinay Pride
Heres the YouTube Channel of Aragon.

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  1. that is good for her. nakakaproud lalo maririnig mo ay Filipina.


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