January 5, 2011

At the 3rd day and the 4th day of New Year 2011 thanks again to Tita Lah (Candy Rivas) for the wonderful experience in Starcity.

Tita lah treated all of us for a ride all you can in Starcity and we were so happy and thanks to tita lah that I'm with them and thanks to Rosalie May Lorenzo for inviting me.

We almost ride all the rides in Starcity the Roller coaster, Bump Car, Surf Dance, Wild River, and Star Flyer. Our first stop is the Star Flyer it is the latest ride of Starcity and the most unforgettable ride that we experience was the Surf Dance because its so much fun and it will make your stomach up side down.

Starcity advertisement video i like the sound of the music Yahoo Yahoo!

The closing time of Starcity was 11pm because its not a holiday so the closing time of starcity is so early so we decided to go to seaside at Mall of Asia to eat and take more pictures and were having a bonding moment at the seaside we talk and talk and more pictures and then after the bonding moment we pray and talk about the bible verses i think its around 3am in the morning and after that we went to tita lah's house to sleep.

The greatest thing and i think the happiest moment of that day was when we were going home fromm Camp Aguinaldo going to Novaliches around 12:45 in the afternoon at the City Bus.


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