May 14, 2011

We all know that Mediafire is free uploading sites where you can download unlimited files at the same time and their are no possible earnings when you upload files in mediafire even big files their are no money in return but they will store your files forever that's the good thing about fileserve they store files and they give unlimited downloads even if your not a premium member in mediafire.

But how can we earn money using mediafire?
Here I will teach you a basic steps on how to earn money using mediafire

What you need?

Here's the basic steps to earn money using mediafire

1. Open the mediafire link and wait for the download link to show
2. When the download link is ready to download right click on the download link and then copy link location you will get like this link

3. And then go to your account and go to upload > remote upload

4. Paste your copied link from step 2 in the textbox shown in the above picture and click upload and wait for the upload to complete and thats it you may now distribute your new link from wupload and start making real money in uploading.

When you get mediafire links you can rename your wupload so that it will look like your own upload

Tips on how to make money in Uploading

Wupload, ultimate file hosting.


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