January 4, 2011

January 01, 2011 our first trip is on Tagaytay with Lorenzo family and Rivas family many thanks to tita lah (Candy Rivas) for inviting us to join the so called "Biglaang Lakad".

We stayed to a house of a client of tita lah for 2 days and we eat and eat a lot in our 1st night and were having picture picture at the attic (that's our room) and then at the morning we have a game or we can call it morning exercise it is like having worship in the morning we woke up 6am to worship we sang a song about Jesus and after singing we said our New Years Resolution.

After eating our lunch we went outside the house to take some pictures, the view are so great and the environment of Tagaytay is the best the weather and the ambiance are awesome, after our picture picture we went to Picnic Grove to see the beautiful view of Tagaytay.

The famous Zipline of Tagaytay can be found in Picnic Grove and that's our friend Hazel Lusanta (Ate Dagang) and friends, the Zipline cost 400 Pesos per person when its holiday and 300 Pesos per person if its weekdays and its 2 way ride.

Lorenzo Family, Rivas Family, Labao Family, Velasco Family and Buñag Family
Thanks for the wonderful experience this 1st and 2nd day of the new year 2011.


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