June 12, 2011

Most of the popular and needed most applications are in Cydia and those applications are not free so what we need is a Wi-Fi to open Cydia and Specially a Paypal account with funds to buy the application you need.

For me I will buy the Resupported4 for my iPod Touch 4th Gen and this application is needed to use my third party AV Cable for my ordinary TV.

Heres a Easy tutorial on how to buy applications in Cydia.

First go to Cydia and look for your applications you want to purchase, for me I will buy for the Resupported4 so as you can see at the image their is a Purchase Package and the Cost of the Application button, just click on the button. by the way their are some applications that you can use the 10-day full trial to see if the application will work for your iDevice just click the Install Button at the top right corner of the page.

After clicking the Purchase button you will be redirected on a login your account page (See left picture) you can use your Facebook account or Google mail account for me I use my Foogle account mail so that Cydia will authenticate the buyer in order to use the Cydia features, don't worry it is okay if your registered mail in Paypal is not a Google account this step is for only authenticating the buyers.

After you login using your Facebook account or Google account you will be redirected on this below image. In this step you will choose what type of mode of payment you will use for me I use Paypal in paying the application in Cydia so just click what ever you want to use in paying the application.

After clicking the Paypal method in paying the application you will be redirected in the Paypal page and then you need to login your account to start the transaction.

After you login you will see the total cost of the application you will buy in Cydia and then your complete address will be shown but don't worry you will not use your address here. Just click the Pay Now button to purchase the product.

After clicking the Pay Now button you will be redirected in the Payment Status page and then you will see that the Transaction Staus to Completed and then a email notification will be sent on your Paypal registered email saying that your transaction is complete.

After clicking the Close button you will see in the application page that the purchase button is remove and then you will see the Package Official Purchase (if you can't see the button don't hesitate to contact the developer of the application and then just ask about the purchase) just click the Install button and then click Confirm button to start installing.

After installing just click the Restart SpringBoard button and see if your application is now registered and ready to use again.

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