February 20, 2011

I'm planning to buy a headphone and I'm thinking which one is better Skullcandy or the Sennheiser, I read some feedbacks about the two and they said that Sennheiser has the better quality sound than the Skullcandy but some says that the Skullcandy also has a good quality for the designs I like the designs of Skullcandy because of different colors and style but in Sennheiser the designs are so simple and it is not the attractive to other people.

Skullcandy on the left side and Sennheiser on the right side so which one is better? for me I like Skullcandy for their designs for the sound quality I don't know maybe Sennheiser but I think Skullcandy also have a good quality like the Sennheiser.

For other designs that you can suggest for the Skullcady go to Skullcandy.com and for the Sennheiser designs go to Sennheiser.com and comment me if you have some suggestions and feedbacks about the two products.

I also saw a headphone the beats by dr. dre maybe this is the best headphone because the quality and the designs are great but I don't have money to buy that headphone it is so expensive for a headphone. The most expensive headphone in beats by dr. dre is the beats pro I think and it is cost 30,000 pesos. for other designs of headphones of Beats by Dr. Dre go to beatsbydre.com.


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