May 7, 2011

What You Need?

After Installing all the required Application in your iDevice first lets see the are iDevice settings.

First go to Settings > Video TV Signal NTSC or Pal it depends in your TV.
Setting > Display Out 

Resupported4 Setting (As you can see my Status is in 10-day trial but as of now my 10 day trial is done but still its working fine with me the crack for the latest Resupported4 is not yet released we just bypass it)

I reinstalled this to try if it will display on my tv screen but when reinstalling it, it will not work so resupported4 is important ill post another image when 10 day trial is done again.
Plug your Generic AV Cable on your TV Jack.
Red Cable to Yellow TV Jack and Yellow Cable to White TV Jack then White Cable to Red TV Jack

After Connecting your Cable to Your TV Jack (Your AV Cable Should be connected on your iDevice)
Go to your Videos and start playing it you should on your screen "This Video is playing on the TV"

After that Turn on your TVOut2Mirror and your cables should place in the correct color to the TV Jack

By Connecting the correct colors you may now display all on your TV Screen using your  iDevice now like games and others.

you may see this every time you boot up but its okay just ignore it
Enjoy watching Movies and Videos!!

I'll update this if theirs a new crack for the Resupported4

You can find Latest Movies and all are Compatible in iDevices

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