May 3, 2011

What is a Favicon?
A favicon (short for favorites icon), also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon is a file containing one or more small icons, most commonly 16×16 pixels, associated with a particular website or web page.

The Favicon can be seen before the url of the web sites this are the web icon or logo of the websites for blogspot the common web icon of some blogger using blogspot is the letter B.

First look for an image that you want to use for your favicon you can search google for images or for animated icons you can use after getting the image icon that you want to  use for your favicon upload it on and copy the direct link of your image icon.

Go to your blogger Dashboard then click Design of your blog

Then Click Edit HTML

Then Tick Expand Widget Template

Then CTRL + F look for </head> then copy the below code above </head> tag.

<!-- dynamic favicon code -->
<link href='YOUR DIRECT IMAGE CODE' rel='shortcut icon' type='image/x-icon'/>
<link href='YOUR DIRECT IMAGE CODE' rel='icon' type='image/gif'/>
<!-- end of dynamic favicon code -->

Change the YOUR DIRECT IMAGE CODE of your image that you uploaded from the tinypic then click save template.

it shoul look like this

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