April 27, 2011

Earlier this day I just posted about the Friendster to delete users content by May 31 so I decided to backup my account using the Friendster Exporter it is a Friendster Applicationto backup all the informations and other stuff in friendters like your personal testimonials, blog and others and specially the pictures of my friendster account because im not updating my friendster account anymore so my pictures are so old and need to backup so that it not loose.

What is Friendster Exporter?
This tool lets you download a copy of your Friendster Profile to your computer, as a zip file. You can view your profile data by opening 'index.html' once the file is downloaded.

What did I backup?
This includes the following: basic info (name, date of birth, gender, and 'About Me' info), photos, list of your friends or fans (for Fan Profiles), list of pages that you are 'a fan of', comments and testimonials, messages in your Inbox, shoutout history and comments to your shoutouts, virtual gifts, treasure chest and list of groups you are a member of.

I hope the friendster upgrade is a big step for them to gain more users again like the facebook now.

 My Friendster Profile is ready for download Hurray I hope it will work some says they export their pictures to multiply but noting happens.

I just read that theirs an application on facebook called EasyTransfer this is an alternative way to transfer your profile to your Facebook account i don't if it will work when I go to the page it says over quota it means that their are so many people using that application to transfer their stuff in their Facebook

Heres the link for the facebook application
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