February 10, 2011

I just got my new PSP to T.V. connector thanks to my cousin Mark Lawrence Garcia who bought me the PSP to T.V. connector I'm looking for that for a long time because my recent T.V. connector is now broken and now I got a new one.

I think the PSP to T.V. connector was made in China because of the writing and of coarse the label (Made in China) the connector has three pins Yellow, White, Red I'm using it because our T.V. is an ordinary T.V. and if I use the six pin T.V. connector it won't work I tested it because my friend have one so when I connect my PSP to our T.V. their are no display in our T.V. so I decided to search in the internet and I read about the article that the connector should have three pins only because the six pins will only work for flat screen T.V.

Heres the image of the PSP to T.V. connector and I think its two meters long I'm not sure and my cousin bought this connector at the famous store in Quiapo I don't know where the exact location of the store I just give my money to him and he will do the buying for me. He told me that the connector will cost 170 pesos so i give him an exact amount but he told me that it may cost 200 plus and when he look it to other stores it cost 400 plus.

And now I can watch my Latest movies on our T.V. using my PSP.

Heres the step on how to connect your PSP to T.V. Connector

  • First connect your PSP to T.V. Connector to your regular T.V. for me I'm using a component so I connect it to our component.
  • Second on your PSP go to Settings >> Connected Display Settings
  • Third on the Connected Display Settings
    •  TV Type : 16:39 
    • Component / D-Terminal Output : Progressive
    • Screensaver (Its Up to You)
  • Fourth Click Switch Video Output (Make sure your T.V.is in Video Mode)

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