May 29, 2011

What You Need?
First get your feed url (by google feedburner or blogger atom) for blogger atom you can get it by going to the bottom of your last post and you will see Subscribe to: Post (Atom). See below image.

Right Click on the Posts (Atom) link then copy link location.

After getting the feed url of your blog go to your twitterfeed account and create a New feed using your blogger feed url.

My advance Setting

Heres the trick go to your adfly account then click the Tools tab then go to API Documentation copy your API link and paste it on shorten link through, drop down the menu choose Custom then paste it in the Custom endpoint and then on your API link you will find replace this with %@

In my Post Prefix I added a line Wow! look at this I'm using it to attract my followers to click my link and my link is in adfly format so you know what I'm saying now.

After the Step 1 Click Continue on Step 2 
On my Active Services I'm using my facebook and twitter so all my post on my blogger will be posted in my facebook account and in my twitter account all are in adfly links.

Just click twitter (You can also use facebook if you want) in the available services and connect your twitter account in twitterfeed.

And that's it click all done after connecting your twitter account to twitterfeed and that's it.

You will see this on your facebook account if you check the box in the advance setting the automatic thumbnails in facebook post.

And this if it is un-check hmm which one is better?

And in your Twitter Account
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