December 31, 2010

December 30 is a feast of St. Augustine in Betis Pampanga and we went their to visit our relatives including our "Apo" or our grandfather. Yearly we go to Pampanga to eat and drink a lot and I mean a lot.

We arrived our grandfathers house around 12 noon so we ate our lunch then after eating we went out and go to our cousins house to drink and we call it "Dayo" because in our village we can see each other also and drink. We drink Coors made by Budweiser and i think theirs so many cases of Coors at the back of the house and we only drink 5 to 7 cases i think in our table and the worst thing that happened was my uncle put a Alfonso in the pitcher and the beer and the Alfonso mix, Alfonso is a Brandy and the taste of the mix beer and the brandy is so disgusting and when you try to drink it at first it will taste like a beer and afterward at the end it will be the taste of the brandy.

Every feast in Pampanga theirs always a parade of musics, in Pampanga they call it "Mosico" their are a lot of Mosico will play the instruments around the place and i think we saw 10 bands or more who played on the streets.

December 30, 2010 Happy Moments with my cousins Glenn(Gjay), Antoni and Lawrence (Left to Right) Julius is not on the picture our adopted cousin (very close neighbor)


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