July 7, 2011

What You Need?
  • Your iDevice
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Mobile Terminal
  • Cydia - Latest Version can be Found Here
  • WinSCP

For me I accidentally remove Cydia when I accidentally remove BigBoss Repository on my iPod Touch 4g Version 4.2.1, I click the Reinstall and then after that my iPod Touch 4g Crash and I force restart my iPod Touch and then when I'm looking for my Cydia its gone.

First you should understand how to install .DEB files just go to this link on how to install .DEB files using WinSCP.

First Download Mobile Terminal and install it using WinSCP 

How to Install without Cydia?
By using WinSCP Just drag and drop the .deb files over into the AutoInstall folder on the /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall (In your Media Folder Create a Cydia Folder then Open the Cydia Folder then Create AutoInstall Folder) Once you have done that, reboot your device and then respring. (Make sure that you reboot and then respring its the most important thing after you place the .deb files in the AutoInstall folder its the trick).

How to Reinstall Cydia on iPhone,iPod and iPad?
After Installing the Mobile Terminal run it on your iDevice then type "su" (without "")

and then click return after clicking the return for password type alpine it's the default password (if you change it use your password)

and then type apt-get remove cydia then click return button. After clicking the return button it will process and it will remove cydia (for safety purposes) -if it ask to continue just type Y then click return.

After removing type apt-get install cydia then click return to start installing the cydia application if it ask to continue just type Y and click return.

And then its done you just installed a new cydia without jailbreaking it again or restoring your iPhone,iPod and  iPad.


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