June 30, 2011

What you need
  • Samsung Phone
  • Data Cable
  • Java Installer 
  • JadMaker
I Tested it on my Samsung F480 Model and I hope it will also work in any other models and it confirm working in z400 and it should work in any qualcomm phones.

Java Installer
(Just Choose One)

(Just Choose One)


Can anyone confirm if your phone is working you can comment here thanks.

I'm using Samsung F480

You do not need to change Samsung USB mode to Qualcomm. Leave it at its default Samsung mode (if you do not understand this just do nothing)
Once driver is installed, Samsung PC Studio 3 still works.

1. Download first the Driver and File Explorer (Java Installer) 
2. Extract SAMSUNG_Composite_USB_Driver_4_34_WHQL.zip from the Java Installer and then execute Setup.exe from the SAMSUNG_Composite_USB_Driver_4_34_WHQL.zip.

3. Connect Samsung F480 (Samsung Phone) to PC Using USB Data Cable. First time you should be prompted with a 'device installed and ready' message.

4. Execute TkFileExplorer_2.2.exe. (Extract it from the Java Installer then Run the TkFileExplorer_2.2.exe)

5. Go to Settings - COM.

6. Scroll down Port window: You should get just one COMxx option. (xx is your any Port Number) Choose it and press OK.

7. Go to File - Connect. You should get the F480 File System Tree at TkFileExplorer bottom half side.

8. Go to /Exe/Java/Games

9. Create a New Folder for your game (Any Name)

10. At TkFileExplorer PC upper side select game JAD/JAR files and copy to F480 created folder using drag&drop or right button menu Download option. (Make Sure that the JAD and JAR Files are inside the New Folder that you created) - If you only have the JAR files you can use JadMaker

11. Repeat steps 9 & 10 for all games you want to install at a time.

If Step 10 above is not Working try my own Trick

10. Make Your New Folder in your My Document

10.1 On your TkFileExplorer v2.2 go to Local Disk (C:) / Users / jasonangel (Your Computer Name) / Documents / 
10.2 And look for your New Folder Created Containing the JAR and the JAD File.

10.3 Right Click on your New Folder (For me it's the AngryBirds Folder) then click Download - Make Sure that on your Phone Tab (Bottom side of the TkFileExplorer v2.2) you are in the Exe/Java/Games or you can just Drag and Drop the Folder from the PC Tab to your Exe/Java/Games

11. Repeat steps 9 & 10 for all games you want to install at a time.
12. Disconnect USB cable
13. Dial *#6984125*#

14. Go to Internals (Master Key: *#9072641*#)

15. Go to Storage Settings and select Update Java DB, Update media database, Update Java DB, Update application database and Create Ax Dat File.


16. Click Back then Go to Menu > Application > Games -All your installed games are now ready to use.


Be careful with TkFileExplorer delete option!
it is a one-touch action!, it do not ask for confirmation. Don't worry you can delete the file in your phone if you cant't delete in the TkFileExplorer.

You can Download Jar files Here www.mobile9.com
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